Sunday, January 19, 2014

Open Mind Inspirational Poetry

Hello Everyone!
A recently published collection of poems is now available at the below link.

Open Mind is a collection of poems
inspired by life experiences, encounters
and contemplations.
It shares views, ideas
and approaches to everyday situations.

Meditation Guide Book - Introduction to Meditation & Spirituality

Hello Everyone and welcome to my newly published Meditation Guide Book.
Easy to read - Easy to follow! 





A self-help guide to overcome negative patterns of mental, emotional and physical health through finding a spiritual connection. Introduction to Meditation and Spirituality.

Includes step-by-step instructions and basic meditation techniques. Pocket size practice guide to assist in dealing with every day issues, to find balance, contentment and peace.

"This guide book came together as a result of my personal spiritual growth. Having followed several mainstream spiritual and philosophical schools, I was still searching for a set of specific instructions, which would bypass all the logical theories and provide practical guidelines."

Friday, January 17, 2014

PERU TOUR 2014 - CULTURE AND SPIRITUALITY: ​Yoga, Meditation, Sightseeing and Dance! ​August 9 - 23, 2014

PERU TOUR 2014  - CULTURE AND SPIRITUALITY:  ​Yoga, Meditation, 
Sightseeing and Dance! ​August 9 - 23, 2014

• Daily Yoga and Meditation practice

• Daily social dance classes - Latin, Tango and Peruvian Folk dances

• Hotel and B&B Accommodations

• Typical Local Meals

• Private Transportation and Private Local Guide

• Visits to Inca Sacred ruins including: Macchu Picchu, Cusco, Ollantaytambo, Nasca, Lima, Festival of Arequipa

Experience it all being part of a warm Peruvian family!

Multi-Lingual Tour: English, Spanish, French and Russian speaking guides

Small group size, personalized approach and welcoming atmosphere!

USD $1,950

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Yoga and Meditation Classes in NYC area

Hello Everyone and welcome to this new blog.
Along with the new website, I am creating the new blog - a space to share, communicate and exchange.
Please provide your comments and ideas, as the means of establishing the communication.

I offer Yoga and Meditation classes in New York City area and am looking forward to assisting people with their needs, based on the goals and capabilities.

Thank you and Namaste!

Newly Created Website: - Yoga, Meditation, Life Coach, Mentor, Author, Tour Guide and more...

Hello Everyone and welcome to my new site:

It is a place, reflecting all of the different ways I would like to offer my services, to share and to assist.

It has taken time and effort to create and I hope it can be useful to all who are interested.

Thank you and Welcome to the new space.